Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday, October 13, 2008

Our "CHANGE" Challenge

Congratulations to Betty at Creativity Bits & Pieces
for our "CHANGE" Photo Challenge!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

"September" Winner

Clyde from OldTownePhotos is our September winner!
Congratulations to Clyde!

"Summer" Winner

...and the winner is: Clyde from OldTownePhotos. It was a close race but not a photo finish. Congratulations Clyde!

Summer Fun


AOL Community Challenge•FIREWORKS•FUN only

Thanks to Donna, Clyde, & Connie for participating in this challenge.
Donna had lovely graphic display, & Clyde, posted many images on
all his journals. Connie also had quite a few on her entry.
I also posted a few on my journal.......So check out all entries~

The Magic Hour winners


We had a few different entries on The Magic Hour FUN category, so this week I am only highlighting one entry.

This one is by Betty.

Clyde sent me After the Sun

The American Flag

COLOR Landscape Winners

Congratulations to Gina & Betty~

Gina from Gina's Space

Betty from Creativity Bits and Pieces

"B & W Landscape" Winners

Our 1st Place winner in our B & W Landscape Challenge goes to Jeannette
Congratulations Jeannette!

We had 4 people who came in 2nd Place
They are Nancy, Robin, Betty, & Gina



Congratulations to Robin From The Yellow Brick Road
She is our first Place Winner.

Post Cards from around the world!
Thank you everyone who participated, I couldn't choose just one, they were all great & all included in this entry, except one which I had problems opening the file. You can visit everyone's entry, the links are in the FUN & JUDGED comment area.

this was the one I was having problems with posting. Thanks Connie!
I used your photobucket URL & was able to post.

"AGED" winners

Vicki is our First Place Winner

Vicki is one of our Judges that is on vacation & did not judge in this Challenge, so she was eligible for the challenge.

Dan, comes in 2nd Place

Gina is our 3rd Place Winner


Even with the tough decision Rob and I had to make this time, one entry came in as the clear winner for the Advanced entries: Kat from In My Dreams I Can Fly. Congratulations Kat, on your win and your wonderful image!

First place went to Martha from Perception:

and our second place winner is Connie from ANYWAY...:

MyweepingCherry.jpg picture by ladyfink_photos


First place went to Nancy from Nancyluvspix:
THEN...there was a 3-way tie for 2nd place...and those 2nd place winners are:
Veronica from My Paper Cuts:
Michelle from (((Reflections))):
Julie from My Photo Journey:


"Winter Blues" Winners

We have 3 winners in the Advance category. I am still waiting for the judges to submit their choices for the Beginners.

FIRST PLACE-Betty from My Day My Interests

Rob said this about Betty's image
" well-composed, nicely cropped, beautiful color, tack sharp"

Greg & Kat tied for second place

Greg from Phototrek

Kat from In My Dreams I can Fly
Photo was not there in the archives for KAT

First Place in Beginners goes to Julie from My Photo Journey
sorry, again no photo

"LOVE" WInners

Monica from
Midnight-conversations( I could not get the photo from Blog to transfer)&
Sam from
Dock Lines

From the Beginners~

We have ONE First Place Winner & that goes to..........

Nancy From Nancyluvspix

We have THREE Second Place Winners...

Kathy from-Unedited ME

Nancy- From -My Life & Loving it

Chrissie from-Just for Fun

"Hometown" Winners


Betty from My Day My Interests


(a wedding Photographer) from Midnight Conversations


MICHELLE from Reflections


Martha From Perception


Sue from Southern Ca Desert and more...

"Beginnings" Winners

Second Place photos....
Nancy, Nancyluvspix

and Julie, My Photo Journey

Donna from This and that and hockey &

Betty from My Day My Interests, tied for 1st place